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April 18, 2024
St. Louis, MO

Pulitzer Arts Foundation
Delcy Morelos: Interwoven
March 8, 2024–August 4, 2024

Earthly Weaving is a garden path of spice-infused, dirt-covered chain link fences. The closest local analog is Sol LeWitt’s Intricate Wall at Laumeier Sculpture Park, whose compact unnavigability suggests, by comparison, that Weaving’s openness is more of an invitation to adventurism (or entertainment) than an artistic necessity. Likewise, the rest of the work is competent but unchallenging. Some leaning canvases fail to develop their lack of pictorial oomph into sufficiently sculptural effects. A singly-folded, flatly displayed textile, however, stands out. It is Morelos’s only three-dimensional form that seems to be in any sort of productive tension with the techniques that created it.

—Troy Sherman